10c. Presentation

Interlocal Agreement With Puget Sound Partnership

Item No.       10c
Meeting Date: February 13, 2024
Duwamish River People’s Park & Shoreline Habitat
Monitoring Program – Fish Monitoring

Interlocal Agreement with
Puget Sound Partnership
February 13, 2024

   Importance of the Duwamish in the Watershed
•  The Green-Duwamish Watershed
Salmon Recovery Lead Entity has
priority projects for Chinook Salmon.
•  The Salmon Recovery Strategy includes
protecting, restoring, and enhancing
habitat in the Duwamish Estuary Sub-
•  The Port has several habitat restoration
projects in the Duwamish Estuary.


  Duwamish River People’s Park & Shoreline Habitat
• DRPP identified as a Tier 1 (top priority)
project for the watershed.
• Year 1 Monitoring completed in 2023.
• Juvenile Chinook Salmon were identified
utilizing the marsh basin at DRPP in 2023.
• Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT)
antennas will help inform how out-migrating
juvenile salmon are using DRPP.

• Authorize Executive Director to execute Interlocal Agreement
(ILA) with Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) for funding ($115k) to
purchase PIT array.
• The PIT array will monitor juvenile salmon use at DRPP.
• Monitoring data will be provided to agency & tribal partners
and contribute to salmon recovery planning in the Green-
Duwamish River Watershed.
• With this PSP funding there is no cost to the Port for the
purchase of the PIT array.

• Execute ILA w/ PSP                           February 2024
• Select vendor and purchase equipment    March 2024
• Install PIT array equipment at DRPP        March 2024
• Implement fish monitoring at DRPP        March-June 2024



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