11c. Presentation

2023 Committee Review and 2024 Committee Work Plans

Agenda Item: 11c_supp
Date: February 13, 2024

Vy Nguyen, Commission Office Strategic Advisor
February 13, 2024


Committee Roster
•  Review of Commission              Art Board
committees in 2023              Audit
•  Look ahead for Commission        Equity and Workforce Development (EWFD)
committees in 2024              Ethics Board
Sustainability, Environment, and Climate (SEAC)
Waterfront and Industrial Lands (WIL)
Ad Hoc Committees: Airport Workforce
Conditions, Proposed Tourism Ad Hoc


           Portwide Arts and Culture Board
2023 Review
Members: Commissioners Felleman and Cho
•   Annual briefing at the 12/12/2023 Commission Meeting
•   Onboarding of new board members
•   Strategy to align Port-wide art program
•   New installations – A, B, C Concourses; World Trade Center
•   Public tours of AV Art Installations
•   Temporary art exhibits at SEA, Pier 66 and Pier 69
•   Vanishing Point: A Neon Constellation at SEA Cellphone Lot
•   Dozfy Mural at Fishermen's Terminal
•   Morgan Madison and Grace Athena Flott exhibits at P69

          Portwide Arts and Culture Board
Proposed 2024 Workplan
Members: Commissioners Mohamed and Felleman
•  Art installations at Capital Improvement Projects
• SEA: Widen Arrivals; Restroom Phase 5; North Main Terminal; Checkpoint 1;
Concourse C
• Bollard Projects
• Fishermen's Terminal: MInC (Maritime Innovation Center); Fishermen's
Terminal- Site Improvement project


            Portwide Arts and Culture Board
Proposed 2024 Workplan (cont.)
•  Programs/ Public Engagement
• Commissioners site visits to SEA and Maritime Properties
• Bi-monthly public tours
•  Acquisitions, Conservation, and Maintenance
• Checkpoint 1
• Club SEA at A Concourse
• North Main Terminal
•  Other projects
• Website update
• Temporary Art programs
• Port-wide art strategy

            Audit Committee 2023 Review
Members: Commissioners Mohamed and Cho
•  Ms. Sarah Holmstrom, a Finance         •  Oversaw the issuance of 16 Audit
Leader for Amazon Marketing,            Reports, including:
served as the Committee Public            •  5 Performance
Member.                           •  5 Capital
•   3 Information Technology
•  Held four public & three non-                  •  3 Limited Contract Compliance
public Committee Meetings.           •  Responded to increasing GC/CM
•  Oversaw the Annual Financial                Construction Projects with real-time
Statement Audit with Moss Adams.       auditing. Received an annual readout
•  Received and addressed the State           from the Independent Auditors; RL
Auditor’s Annual Accountability           Townsend and Associates.

           Audit Committee 2024 Workplan
Members: Commissioners Calkins and Hasegawa
•   Review of External Audits:
•   2023 Financial Audit Results and 2024 Audit Engagement Service Plan (Moss Adams)
•   2023 Performance Audit of the Port of Seattle Police Department – Civil Asset Forfeitures (WA State Auditor)
•   2022 Accountability Audit Results and 2023 Audit Opening (WA State Auditor)
•   General Contractor/Construction Manager Projects Independent Audits (Contracted audit firms)
•   Review of Internal Audits:
•   Director’s Annual Communication
•   2024 Audit Plan Updates
•   Open Issue Status
•   Completed Audits
•   Approvals:
•   2025 Internal Audit Budget
•   2025 Internal Audit Annual Audit Plan

           Aviation Committee 2023 Review
Members: Commissioners Calkins and Mohamed
•  Ground Transportation Access Plan Update including the Transportation Management
Association and Active Transportation planning
•  Taxi pilot program lessons learned and path forward including taxi operation
agreements, curbside management, S. 160th drivers' lot, and TNC virtual queue
•  Employee parking next steps and the search process for the next regional airport
•  Accessibility Order: formalized our goal to being one of the most accessible
airports in the nation.
•  FAA noise policy update
•  Airport Dining and Retail Master Plan review


          Aviation Committee 2024 Workplan
Members: Commissioners Cho and Hasegawa
•  Fire Station work package authorization
•  Baggage Optimization Phase 3
•  Logistics Site Expansion project
•  GTAP work program update
•  Part 150 update
•  Aviation Budget Review
•  Update on Accessibility Programs
•  FIFA Look Ahead
•  Review of Accessibility Programs

                 EWFD 2023 Review
Members: Commissioners Calkins and Hasegawa
•  Reviewed and recommended to Commission an Equity Policy Directive
•  Preliminary Committee approval of EPD framework at Oct. EWFD
•  Provided strategic direction and recommendations on the Port’s Career
Connected Learning strategy (including Youth Career Launch) and broader
workforce development strategy
•  Monitored and provided strategic input into the Port's apprenticeship and Priority
Hire programs
•  Developed three-year Anti-Human Trafficking workplan
•  Initiated development of Port-wide Language Access Order
•  Monitored progress of WMBE Barriers Study

          EWFD Committee 2024 Workplan
Members: Commissioners Calkins and Hasegawa
•  Annual reports
•  OEDI, WFD, Diversity in Contracting
•  OEDI Reports, Briefings, & Updates
•  SKCCIF Authorization, Language Access, Youth Maritime Career Launch,
Equity in Budgeting
•  EDD Reports, Briefings, & Updates
•  Priority Hire Directive Amendment, International Market Study,
Community Business Connector, Diversity in Contracting Policies and
Goals (2024-2029)
•  Update Diversity in Contracting goals for next five- year period

                    Ethics Board 2024
•  Review Code of Ethics Recommended Amendments
• Expected in 4th Quarter 2024
•  Create New Rules of Procedure to Guide Ethics Board Reviews
•  This work may not commence until 2025 depending upon project timeline for
amendment of the Code of Ethics.


             Governance Committee 2024
•  Review and Make Recommendations Re: Amendments to the
Commission’s Code of Ethics
• Expected in 4th Quarter 2024
•  Possible Review of Delegation of Responsibility and Authority (DORA) to
the Executive Director Levels of Authority
•  Pending Review and Discussion of the Commission


            SEAC Committee 2023 Review
Members: Commissioners Hasegawa and Felleman
•   Port-wide Environmental Land Stewardship Principles Order
•   Aviation Land Stewardship Plan and SEA Tree Replacement Standards
•   Municipal solid waste to SAF study
•   Sustainable Aviation Fuel Study Session
•   Seattle Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy
•   Green corridor updates
•   Cruise MOU updates
•   Cruise Agreements and Lease
•   Sustainable Evaluation Framework – Sustainable Design Strategies
•   Parks assessment
•   Airport waste sorting using artificial intelligence

    SEAC Committee Proposed 2024 Workplan
Members: Commissioners Felleman and Cho
•  Land Stewardship and tree replacement update
•  Environmental performance metrics preview
•  Pre-Season Cruise Environmental/Green Corridor Update / Cruise Dashboard
•  Maritime Climate and Air Action Plan (MCAAP) implementation 2023 Update
•  Preliminary Findings on Pre-Conditioned Air system
•  Single Use Plastic Pilot Project and Wrap Act
•  Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy policy decisions
•  SEF Annual Update
•  Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Study Update (Maritime Fleet)
•  Clean Maritime Fuels, Hydrogen Hub, and role of SAF and Hydrogen at SEA
•  Waterfront Building Electrification and Priority Decarbonization Actions, including Power Barge concept
•  Ground Transportation Emission Reduction Strategy
•  PFAS Update pending regulation implementation
•  Central Mechanical Plant (CMP) Study Results and Decarbonization Options
•  Maritime and Aviation Sustainable Evaluation Framework (SEF) Capital Project recommendations
Sustainable Shorelines
•  NOAA/NMFS Enduring Effects

                  WIL 2023 Review
Members: Felleman and Hasegawa
•   City of Seattle Industrial Lands Rezoning
•   Industrial Lands Transportation
•   Freight corridor planning
•   Bike lanes
•   Real Estate
•  NWSA/PoS Real Estate Study
•  Waterfront redevelopment

                WIL 2024 Workplan
Members: Commissioners Felleman and Calkins
•   Land Use & Transit:
•  WOSCA & industrial lands, Sound Transit expansion
•  City of Seattle policy initiatives: Comp Plan Update, Move Seattle
•   Green Economy Initiatives & Real Estate
•  Future Lines of Business study, cruise issues, economic impact
study, Port of Seattle real estate portfolio updates


                Ad Hoc Committees
Airport Workforce Conditions
Members: Commissioners Hasegawa and Mohamed
• Exploration of affordable, accessible childcare for SEA workers,
• Exploration of a port-wide third-party code of conduct related
to worksite, civil rights, and combatting human trafficking
• Hygiene products at Port managed facilities
• Exploration of affordable, accessible health care options for non-Port
workers at SEA
Proposed Tourism Ad Hoc: Waterfront MOUs with Aquarium, City of
Seattle and Elliot Bay Connectors, among other tourism related items.





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