8h. Presentation

T91 Domestic Waterline Renewal

Item No.:        8h_Supp
Date of Meeting: February 13, 2024
Terminal 91 Domestic
Waterline Renewal
Robert Hoyman,
Facilities Project Manager


•   Remove existing galvanized pipe, fittings, supports and flex-
Connections. Approximately 8,000 LF of replacement & upgrades.
•   Replace all materials with new stainless steel grooved pipe, fittings,
supports, bracing and flex-connections/expansion joints.
•   Code Upgrades: Seismic Bracing, added support, expansion/isolation
•   Work will be performed with the least impact to operations and other
project work.

•   Work at Pier 91-South will be performed outside
the Cruise Season (October to April)
•   Work hours under the piers will be contingent on
tidal action.
•   Work to be planned over extended duration based
on level of need and coordination with other
project work and operational needs.


                 Range of Need
• Timeline Perspective


                    Project Risks
Permitting      Compliance with         Low             Med      Perform work using skiffs or floating
Federal In-Water Permit                             platforms rather than attached
During Fish Window                               scaffold.
Cruise         Work at Pier 91 outside   Low            Med      Perform work at Pier 91 October
Schedule     of Cruise Season                                thru April
Major         Avoidance of re-work or  Low            Med      Schedule work to avoid overlapping
Construction   interference by other                                construction activities. Coordinate
Activities        project work being                                         replacement to avoid re-work.
performed over the next
Material        Availability of 316         Med             High      Prepurchase quantities of pipe and
Availability      Stainless Pipe and                                         fittings to avoid timing challenges.


             Major Project Coordination
• Impact-Coordination Perspective


              Budget and Cost Drivers
• T91Domestic Waterline at Piers 90 & 91     $4,750,000
– 2021 $250,000 Design, Permitting & Emergency Work
– 2024 $4,500,000 Construction funding over eight years
•  Primary cost drivers:
– Material costs (316 stainless steel) for longevity.
– Code upgrades: seismic bracing, expansion joints and added supports.
– Construction logistics, coordination with operations & Cruise schedules, other major


                    Current State


               Extended Approach
• Use of Port Crews
– Schedule Flexibility
– Aversion to construction impacts, change orders
– Avoidance of Re-Work related to other Capital Projects
– Contract Costs control
– Opportunities to utilize WMBE Firms and Small Businesses in
conjunction with self-performed work.
– Job Protection (Plumbers, Carpenters, Laborers, Millwrights),
opportunities for apprenticeships within the Port
– Reduction in construction cost


                 Project Schedule
Item                                             Anticipated Date
Design Completion                                 Q4 2023
Permit Drawings, Environmental Permitting             Q1 2024
Commission Authorization, Major Construction          Q1 2024
Construction Duration                                 2024-2032



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