Commission Special Mee�ng
March 26, 2024
Members of the Port of Seatle Commission will meet in a special mee�ng on March 26,
2024, beginning at 9:00 a.m., at the Seatle-Tacoma Interna�onal Airport – Conference
Center, located at 17801 Interna�onal Blvd, Seatle WA, Mezzanine Level. The purpose of
the special mee�ng is to conduct a pre-retreat planning session.
The mee�ng is open to the public at the mee�ng loca�on. No virtual connec�on or livestreaming is available for this mee�ng. No ac�on will be taken during this �me.
Mee�ng agendas and informa�on are located on the Port Commission's website.

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Port of Seatle
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Stephen P. Metruck

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