10b. Presentation

Taxiway A Recircuiting

Item No.                    10b_supp
Date of Meeting             March 26, 2024
Taxiway A Circuit Replacement (CIP# C801303)
Design and Construction Authorization
International Airport

          Taxiway A Circuit Replacement Request
• Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
– authorize final design and preparation of construction bid documents;
– advertise, award, and execute a major public works construction contract;
– procure long lead items;
– include a Project Labor Agreement for the contract; and
– authorize use of Port crews for abatement work.
• The amount of this authorization request: $39,205,000


           Project Background and Scope
Project Background
•  Taxiway A was constructed in 1987, and centerline lighting has never been
•  According to FAA Advisory Circular, any circuit with megger reading below 1
megohm is deemed as “destined for rapid failure”. Taxiway A centerline
lighting circuits exhibit signs of distress with megger readings close to 1
•  Furthermore, the conduit housing the circuit is corroded, making a cable pull
•  This project will install new Taxiway A centerline lighting circuits, LED light
fixtures, constant current regulators, PVC conduit, and concrete panels
above conduit.

                    Project Details
•  This project will be combined with the 2025 Airfield Pavement and Supporting
Infrastructure Replacement Project (CIP# C800930) and 2025 Airfield Utility
Improvement Project (CIP# C801177). These projects have overlapping work
areas and design functionality, interdependent operational impacts, and share
2025 schedule milestones. As such they were planned, designed, and phased
to be delivered concurrently for purposes of Airfield safety, efficiency, and
minimization of operational impacts.


                  Project Diagram

Taxiway A Circuit Replacement

2025 Airfield Pavement and Joint
Seal Replacement


                  Project Schedule
Design complete                                2024 Quarter 4
Construction start                                  2025 Quarter 1
In-use date                                         2026 Quarter 1


                  Project Budget
Cost Breakdown  Amount of this Request  Total Estimated Project
Design                       $6,282,000              $6,577,000
Construction                  $30,527,000             $30,527,000

Sales Tax                       $2,396,000               $2,396,000
Total                            $39,205,000               $39,500,000



Operated by the
Port of Seattle




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