8d. Presentation

Airport Terminal Solid Waste Project

Item No. 8d_supp
Meeting Date: April 16, 2024
Airport Terminal Solid Waste Project
Commission Meeting
April 16, 2024

           Central Terminal North Building
• Request addresses tenant view
conflicts at the Central
Terminal Wall.
• Scope includes lowering the
North building by over 7 feet
and the addition of a Green

    Advantages of Green Roofs in this Application
• Added sense of nature to
• Reduced solar gain at Window
• Secondary stormwater benefits

Green Roof Installed at the Port-owned
World Trade Cetner on Alaskan Way

                   Project Cost and Schedule
Cost Breakdown                             This Request        Total Project 
Total                                                $4,500,000         $19,180,000 

We are here
Construction Re-Start: Q4 2024
Project in Use: Q2 2025


                Action Requested
(1) Increase the project scope and associated budget for the Terminal
Solid Waste project in the amount of $4,500,000.
(2) Advertise, bid, and execute a major works construction contract,
execute related project change orders, amendments, work
authorizations, purchases, contracts, and take other actions
necessary to support and deliver the Airport Terminal Solid Waste
(3) Use Port crews for construction support.
Total project authorization of $19,180,000.


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