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September 13th, 2022 - Regular Meeting

Pier 69
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  • 4a. Proclamation
    Latino Heritage Month
  • 7. Attachment
    Exhibit A
  • 8b. Memo
    Claims and Obligations September 2022
  • 8c. Memo
    Enterprise Network Refresh
  • 8d. Memo
    Environmental Permit Compliance Software
  • 8e. Memo
    Conference Room Communication
  • 8f. Memo
    Electric Utility Supervisory Control Data Acquisition
  • 8g. Memo
    eGSE Electric Charging Stations Change Order
  • 8h. Memo
    Water Main Improvements
  • 8h. Presentation
    Water Main Improvements
  • 8i. Memo
    Meet Me Room
  • 8j. Memo
    South Concourse Hot Water Replacement
  • 8k. Memo
    CBA Teamsters Local 117
  • 8k. Attachment
    CBA Teamsters Local 117
  • 8l. Memo
    New MOU Teamsters Local 117
  • 8l. Attachment
    01 New MOU Teamsters Local 117
  • 8l. Attachment
    02 New MOU Teamsters Local 117
  • 8m. Memo
    Parking Garage Elevator Modernization
  • 8n. Order
    Board of Ethics Appointment
  • 8o. Memo
    SLOA IV Term Extension
  • 8p. Presentation
    ILA with UW Sea Grant
  • 8p. Memo
    ILA with UW Sea Grant
  • 8p. Attachment
    ILA with UW Sea Grant
  • 10a. Memo
    SKCCIF 2023 Commission Authorization
  • 10a. Presentation
    SKCCIF 2023 Commission Authorization
  • 10b. Memo
    Bldg 161E Renovation and Systems Retrofit
  • 10b. Presentation
    Bldg 161E Renovation and Systems Retrofit

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