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How to use an RSS feed 

There are quite a number of RSS reader programs to choose from. Some are free, while others are paid programs that you need to purchase or subscribe to. 

To use RSS, you need to perform these steps: 

  1. Get an RSS reader. Some of the most popular RSS readers include Feedreader, Feedly, and The Old Reader. Create an account so you're ready to subscribe to some RSS feeds. 
  2. Find the link to an RSS feed. You'll need to know the URL to the RSS feed for the website you want to subscribe to. Some websites place an RSS link on their homepage — look for it at the very top (in the header of the site) or at the bottom in the footer. It will look like waves, similar to a Wi-Fi icon. Click it and copy the URL. Finding RSS icons on the homepage of a website is less common than it used to be, so if you don't see it, you can perform a web search, such as "Insider RSS feed." Find the page and copy the link.
  3. Some websites display an RSS icon that gives you direct access to the RSS feed URL. Dave Johnson/Insider
  4. Subscribe to the RSS feed. In the RSS reader program, find the link to add a new feed and enter the URL of the feed. After you add it, you should immediately see a list of articles. You can now browse and click the article you want to read. 
  5. Subscribe to more feeds. You can continue adding RSS feeds to your RSS reader until you're aggregating all the websites you want to keep track of. 

An RSS reader is a great tool for making sure you see a broad range of news from multiple sources