• Search Operators
    • Using AND or + indicates that the word must be present in each result.
    • Using NOT or - indicates that the word must not be present in any result.
    • [No operator] implies OR indicates that the word is optional, but the results that contain it are rated higher.
    • Use * as a wildcard; it may only be used at the end of a word.
    • Search terms can be grouped with parentheses () for more complexed searches; See Examples for usage.
  • Ranking and Relevance Factors
    • Number of words in the document.
    • Number of unique words in that document.
    • How near the beginning of the document the word is.
    • Total number of words in all matching documents.
    • Number of documents that contain a particular word.
Search StringShorthand
iphone android+iphone +android
iphone OR androidiphone android
NOT iphone-iphone
android NOT iphone+android -iphone
android AND (iphone OR ipad)+android +(iphone ipad)
iphone OR (android AND ipad)iphone (+android +ipad)
iphone NOT (tablet AND android AND ipad)+iphone -(+tablet +android +ipad)
"mobile device" OR (NOT ipad NOT embedded iphone OR android)"mobile device" (-ipad -embedded iphone android)
(ipad OR tablet) (iphone OR android)+(ipad tablet) +(iphone android)
tablet AND (ipad OR (iphone AND android))+tablet +(ipad (+iphone +android))
"business development" or "it sales" and (danish or dutch or italian or denmark or holland or netherlands or italy)"business development" "it sales" +(danish dutch italian denmark holland netherlands italy)
(procurement or buying or purchasing) and (marine or sea) and (engineering or engineer)+(procurement buying purchasing) +(marine sea) +(engineering engineer)
(title:"project assistant" OR title:"project supervisor") AND retail -construction+("project assistant" "project supervisor") +retail -construction
"john-paul caffery" john-paul caffery+"john-paul caffery" +"john-paul" +caffery
"Procurement" and "source to pay" and "Supplier relationship management" or "SRM" and "vetting" and "compliance"+"procurement" +"source to pay" "supplier relationship management" "srm" +"vetting" +"compliance"
("Nursing Home" and (Manager OR Supervisor)) OR (commercial AND sales AND (manager OR management OR "team leader"))(+"nursing home" +(manager supervisor)) (+commercial +sales +(manager management "team leader"))
(“IT” AND security*) OR “security engineer*” OR (financial AND analyst* AND german)(+"it" +security*) "security engineer*" (+financial +analyst* +german)

Certain words, known as Stopwords, are ignored while searching. Additionally, search terms that are less than 4 characters in length are ignored.

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